April 19, 2023





Facebook Ads, Insta Ads




Social Media Presence and More Conversions

Brand Name: Shuttercraft

Industry: One of the UK’s largest shutter companies, installing premium, made-to-measure shutters and blinds.


Shuttercraft’s main focus was on several key goals and tactics. These include increasing the number of leads generated through organic and paid social media posts, increasing engagement on social media platforms, improving website traffic, and conducting audience behavioral analysis.


  • Post brand-relevant content on Facebook, interact with users, and use competitive analysis research to boost online prevalence.
  • Social media advertising on Facebook to further increase awareness of the company.
  • Plan and conduct email marketing.


  • Increased the website traffic which doubled the number of online enquiries.
  • Improved customer satisfaction.
  • Engagement social media dramatically boosted.
  • ROI after 3 months.

Case Study: 2

Brand Name: Scaffolding and Construction Projects

Industry: An established UK manufacturer, stockist & supplier of construction equipment on a worldwide basis.


The main goals of Scaffolding and Construction Projects' digital marketing strategy were to increase familiarity with the brand, raise awareness of the brand through social media, and promote their products and services to attract potential clients.


  • Increase the growth-rate on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Linkedin.
  • Engage with the audience across all social media and implement lead generation.
  • Regularly create unique campaigns promoting company offers.


  • 3-6 organic prospect enquiries on social media every month.
  • 82% of ROI of annual expenditure with Little Media after one week of the organic campaign.
  • Gained more activity on the company website due to increased exposure from social media.

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