April 19, 2023









Traffic and Leads

Brand: Swyft

Industry: Lifestyle

Services: SEO & Strategy

About Swyft

Swyft has been providing next-generation furniture solutions focused on its delivery concerns. The business suffered a major blow during the pandemic. 

The challenge

The company was looking for a marketing partner that could help them come back into the business, match their desire for rapid growth, and contribute to long-term sustainability. Our main focus was

  • Increased visibility
  • Optimized website
  • Ranking higher in organic search

Our Strategy

We conducted an extensive site audit to identify the weak points and find room for improvement. Our main focus was developing a keyword strategy to boost our organic traffic. The next step was launching a digital PR campaign to increase their domain authority. Additionally, we came up with regular keyword audits and recommendations. 

Desired Results

There was a measurable improvement in key metrics after the first three months. The client was satisfied with the monthly SEO analysis reports. 

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