May 3, 2023

Ebook Publishing Strategy


Ebook Publishing


Publishing Strategy


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Jerell finally published his Paperback!

About Jerell

Writing has been a therapeutic process for Jerell. It helped him to process his experiences, emotions, and thoughts and gain clarity and closure. He wanted to share his story with the world to inspire others and leave a lasting impact.

The challenge 

He completed his manuscript for “Land Of No Pity: A South Central Story” three months back but was unable to publish it on Amazon & Kindle. His manuscript was rejected because of formatting issues and cover design. 

Our Strategy

We asked Jerell to share his author credentials and manuscript with us and leave the rest to our publishing team. Our publishing team already knew the publishing guidelines for all reputable book publishing platforms. It took us a week to cater to the formatting concerns and cover size issues, due to which the book was rejected by Amazon.


Finally, the book was published in July last year! He was grateful as we made his dream come true. 

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