April 19, 2023

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About Joy

Joy Patrick is an outdoor enthusiast, psychologist, and author of cozy mysteries with a second chance theme. She is inspired by her work in the medical and mental health professions, as well as the fact that she comes from a creative family of writers and art enthusiasts.


The Challenge

Joy contacted Digital Melons when she published her first book, “A Dead Ringer: A Magnolia Manor Mystery.” She wanted to create a staunch author presence online that could help her to increase his book sales.


Our strategy

Creating an online author presence can be a great way to connect with readers, promote your work, and build yourself as an author. Here are some steps to take to create an effective online author presence:

·   Build an author website

·   Set up social media

·   Participate in online communities

·   Publish on various online platforms

·   Engage with readers by responding to comments and messages

Desired Results

The response to her book was overwhelming, and her book sales increased drastically.

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